You can now make a card donation in our Centre and around the Town

GCS now have Sum Up connected so anyone who would like to make a card payment/donation they can do so here in the Centre.

We also  have Tap To Donate (NFC and QR Scan) on all our donation tubs.

Thanks to our wonderful community for agreeing to display these donation tubs:

  • Greystones Book Shop
  • O’Briens Off Licence, Greystones
  • Nicali, Greystones
  • Supervalu, Greystones
  • Little Pidgeon, Delgany
  • Kilcoole Post Office
  • Roches Chemist, Blacklion
  • Byrnes Pub, Kilcoole
  • Nickys, Kilcoole
  • Spendloves, Greystones
  • Enso, Greystones
  • Des Doyles
  • Eugenes
  • Mooch
  • Lees, Kilcoole
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