Rory Gillen

Huge Thank You to Hugh & Rory

Pictured is Anne Ivory collecting cheque on behalf of GCS

Sincere gratitude to Hugh Ivory and Rory Gillen for the stalwart effort they put into the Cycle Challenge and the associated fundraising campaign on behalf of GCS.   This is the most successful one-off event ever undertaken on behalf of GCS over its twenty seven year history. No other event has ever raised the level of funds which they jointly achieved.  GCS appreciate every kilometer they cycled.

Huge thanks to all the donors who contributed so generously.   These funds will allow GCS continue to provide all the support services to so many individuals and families in our community.

The beneficiaries of this “Challenge” are individuals and families in our community who avail of GCS services daily.

Cycling from Paris to Nice to raise money for GCS

Hugh Ivory chatting with Declan Meehan on EastCoast Fm about upcoming fundraiser

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Hugh Ivory and Rory Gillen from Greystones are taking on the challenge of cycling from Paris to Nice on September 10th in a bid to raise money for Greystones Cancer Support. They are being joined by another 3 local guys from Greystones and a group from Dublin on this great adventure!
On Sunday last week, in one of the hottest days of the year, the Paris2Nice Community day was held and the guys cycled over 100k in preparation for their big ride. This was a great day for well seasoned P2N’rs and newbies to get together and raise some funds to support the ongoing administration of the organisation. Over 100 people attended on the day, with a route to suit everyone (100 k, 75k and 50k).

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