John McGowan

Mince Pie Morning 2020

Photos by John McGowan

Our Annual Mince Pie Morning was held last Friday,  wonderful turnout !!
What a nice way to pause during the Christmas break.

Many thanks to all who worked so hard during the morning.
And thanks to those who came along to say hello and meet friends,  new and old.

GCS Christmas Dinner 2019

Photos by John Mc Gowan

Our Annual GCS Christmas Lunch 2019 was held yesterday in the Parkview Hotel.
Special thanks to all who came along and made our afternoon so enjoyable.
Thanks also to those who donated raffle prizes or helped in any way.

Thank you,  John McGowan,  for superb photos,  you excelled yourself !!
And Margaret Traynor from,  who manages our website.

Please feel free to download the photos,  print them and share them on FB and social media
We had a wonderful afternoon,  thank you for sharing your time with us !!

Two Marys Golf Classic in Greystones Golf Club

A very big thank you to the Nolan,  Bradshaw and Kinsella families.
The families run the Two Marys Golf Classic each year in aid of Greystones Cancer Support.
The classic is in memory of Mary Nolan and Mary Bradshaw.
Mother and daughter,  who passed away from breast cancer within a week of each other.

The Two Marys Golf Classic is the biggest golf classic in Co. Wicklow.
This year,  51 teams participated to help those affected by cancer.
And to honour the Two Marys in a very special and practical way.

Thank you to all who helped with this major annual event.
Paul Byrne from Greystones has the story.
John McGowan has all the photos.

Great crowd at Daffodil Day Cofffee Morning

GCS hosted their annual Daffodil Day Coffee Morning last Friday,  22 March 2019.
As always,  the proceeds went to the Irish Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day Fund.
This fund supports research,  night nursing and the Daffodil Centres in major hospitals.

There was a great crowd.
Good atmosphere,  fresh daffodils on sale.
Plus the usual Daffodil Day items:  teddies,  shopping bags.
Tea towels,  cards.
Plenty tea/coffee,  biscuits and home baking.

GCS is a completely independent voluntary group.
We do not pay salaries.
But we do this event once a year for the ICS.
They are the national cancer agency.
Everyone in Ireland benefits from them in some way.
So we feel we should support this annual day for them.
We have wonderful helpers whose only concern is to help people.

Sonia Walsh,  Chairman of GCS says:

A very big thank you is due to all those who came along to the coffee morning.
And a big thank you to all the helpers who made the teas.
Served the home baking and sold the Daffodil Day items.

GCS is an independent voluntary group.
But we are happy to support the Daffodil Day fund each year.
Our aim is to help those affected by cancer.

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