GCS Christmas Dinner 2019

Photos by John Mc Gowan

Our Annual GCS Christmas Lunch 2019 was held yesterday in the Parkview Hotel.
Special thanks to all who came along and made our afternoon so enjoyable.
Thanks also to those who donated raffle prizes or helped in any way.

Thank you,  John McGowan,  for superb photos,  you excelled yourself !!
And Margaret Traynor from SteppingOnline.com,  who manages our website.

Please feel free to download the photos,  print them and share them on FB and social media
We had a wonderful afternoon,  thank you for sharing your time with us !!

Men’s Health Week10 to 16 June 2019

Greystones Cancer Support has always been a strong supporter of men’s issues.
We have a monthly meeting,  just for men.
We have our Men’s Allotment,  now located in Kilcoole.

This year,  Men’s Health Week will be held from 10 June to 16 June 2019.
The theme is Men’s Health Matters.
Everyone is asked to make the time and take the time.
Try to do something realistic and practical to improve both their own health.
And the health of the men and boys that they have contact with.

Greystones Cancer Support Men’s Group will host a special meeting,  26 June 2019.
Lorcan Brennan from the Men’s Health Institute will be along to meet our men.

All men with a cancer related affiliation are welcome to come along.
Men who have or have had cancer.
Men with a family or friend who have or who have had cancer.

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