Poetry Day Ireland

POEMS STONES STARS CARDS This years’ Poetry Ireland theme is ‘Written in the Stars.’ Do you want to know the future? Do you gaze into crystal balls, consult the I Ching, study your star sign, refer to the rune stones, hold out a palm to be read? Do the stars determine our destiny? Or are they indifferent observers? Can the turn of a tarot card decide whether we become The Magician or The Fool? Or is it Que sera, sera? Poets of Greystones, send me your poems of prophesy and prediction. Or, poems questioning the idea that we can ever know what’s coming. Or poems about the stars. Dancing with the Stars. Wishing upon a Star. Star signs, film stars, the constellation. Find inspiration in tea leaves or dreams, send me your lines, no more than sixteen, and we’ll print them on a Poem Card or paint them on a stone. Make it your own! frannerb2@gmail.com before April 12th at 5.00 p.m. @poetryireland @PoetryDayIRL @whaletheatre @greystones.ie @thehotspot


Meet me down by the water
Early morning in contemplation
Where there is order, beauty, calm
voluptuousness and luxury.
They come in many guises
My stars of the sea.

Speak freely from the heart
Do not see, only with the heart
Listen with your heart
to the beauty all around you.
Never love anyone who treats
you like you’re ordinary.

Destiny decides each evolving step,
the potholes you dip your toes in,
the stones you throw in the ocean.
Are you up there? I believe you are.
Are you up there? Show me a sign
As the stars twinkle, let the world
pass you by.

Be who you are created to be
And you will set the world on fire.
Listen to your inner voice, the most
honest you will hear. Twinkling stars
have your future secure.

Therein lies your destiny –
Over the moon, on its way
to Mars, Que Sera Sera, for
You are written in the stars.

Lines inscribed on stones by swimmers & poets
who took part in Swimrise at the Cove,
Poetry Ireland Day 2022

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