New arrangements for our swimming sessions at the Glenview Hotel

Greystones Cancer Support will now have a Swimming Registration List.
Only those on the Swimming Registration List will be allowed into the pool.
GCS swimming sessions are the First and Third Thursdays of the month @12.30 pm.
We ask that you do not seek a GCS swimming session at other times.

If you have received one of the Glenview Hotel passes,  we will add your name to the list.
You do not have to do anything else.  The passes are no longer valid.
If you are on the waiting list here at GCS,  we will add your name to this new list.
If you would like your name to go on the new list,  please let us know here at GCS.

We are very grateful to the Glenview Hotel for accommodating us.
The Glenview Hotel has supported GCS since we were formed 25 years ago.
Their swimming sessions have been of enormous benefit to our Members.

If you go to one of our swimming sessions,  just give your name at Leisure Reception.
They will check your name on our Swimming Registration List.
This is a very simple system for all of us and we thank you for your co-operation.
Please remember that,  if your name is not on the list,  you will not be able to attend.
These new arrangements are for the Health & Safety of us all.

We would like to thank you for your co-operation with this new system !!

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