Kathleen has decided to retire and will be missed by all

After 25 years of dedicated service to Greystones Cancer Support, Kathleen has decided to retire. She leaves a great legacy that ensures that an indispensable service, vital to the community is solidly established and ready to assist people dealing with all cancer related issues.  Kathleen is the bedrock on which GCS was founded and her fantastic and selfless contribution to the GCS cause will always be fondly remembered.

The GCS service extends over the catchment area of Greystones, Kilcoole, Delgany, Newcastle and Newtownmountkennedy.  Despite family commitments and her many other community interests, Kathleen was always available to visit the sick at home or in hospital and to transport people for medical appointments irrespective of the distance and time involved.  The needs of the individual were assessed, and structures were put in place by Kathleen to ensure that the best and most appropriate services were made available.

The long hours she worked over the years and indeed which she continued to work to this very day are legendary.  It was never a surprise for GCS committee members to receive an email from Kathleen at seven in the morning or eleven o’clock at night setting out the needs of individuals or families needing help.  She attended the office every day and her enthusiasm and energy ensured that the services made available were always of the highest standard.  It must be remembered that all her work was voluntary and she neither sought nor expected any honour or recognition in this regard.

Apart from her empathy for the sick, Kathleen has a deep knowledge and interest in the community. She knows most people by their first name.  The General Committee are more than aware that commitment like hers and her personal attributes are nearly impossible to replace.  The committee wish to place on record their gratitude for the support and guidance received from Kathleen over the years.  We are sure that we can also speak on behalf of hundreds of members who have utilised the services of our support group including on behalf of the families supported by Kathleen in her various roles during her time with GCS.

We now wish Kathleen a future filled with happiness, good health, great friendships and with lots of activities in her well-deserved retirement.

Many people have enquired about a farewell party for Kathleen.  True to her nature, she has indicated that she would not be comfortable with any such event and we respect her wishes. Happily, we know that Kathleen will be there in the “wings” and will always be a great friend to all in Greystones Cancer Support.

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