Garden Club

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Spring is in the air, the days are getting longer, buds are beginning to appear and the daffodils are once again showing their pretty heads while “dancing in the breeze”.

GCS is delighted to announce that we will be hosting a Garden Club which will be facilitated by Janet Redmond who has vast knowledge and experience on all aspects of gardening  – from seed to bloom!.  Janet facilitated the Christmas Wreath Making Workshop in December last which was thoroughly enjoyed by all attendees.   Each session will be workshop based so that it will enable all attendees to participate in creating a “piece of floristry”.   The art of potting plants from seed or cuttings, nurturing and maintenance will be covered.  Outings will be arranged to visit “Open Gardens” where Janet can share her knowledge on all shrubs, plants and flowers (coffee shop essential!).

If you are interested in this activity, please email the office to  express your interest    Sessions will be held on a fortnightly basis.

You may not have green fingers, so this is a great opportunity to do something creative which will benefit you and your garden!
If Covid restrictions preclude, Janet will do an introductory session by Zoom.

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