Flower Arranging

A flower arranging class will be held on Wednesday 1 February 11.30 in St Kilian Family Centre.

Janet will outline some of her ideas for the forthcoming classes and plan some visits to gardens.

She will do two demonstrations, one using fresh flowers and one using dried flowers and twigs.

The fresh arrangement will be in a container using a metal pin cushion to hold the flowers in place. She will use tulips and some greenery.

The dried arrangement will be in a wooden bowl and she will use a variety of dried flowers, grasses, seedheads and twigs.

Then you will have the opportunity to do your own arrangements.

She will bring dried flowers and seedheads.

She will buy the metal pin cushions.                                       

Please bring the following:

  1. A round bowl/container for fresh arrangement.
  2. A container to use for dried flower arrangement, it could be a recycled willow wreath base, a wooden, glass or ceramic bowl.
  3. A bunch of spring flowers, tulips would be ideal. (Please get your flowers on Tuesday, leave tulips in their paper but cut about 2cm from the ends and put them in a bucket of water and leave them in a cool place).
  4. Some greenery, twigs, (don’t worry if you haven’t any as Janet will bring some).
  5. Flower scissors or secateurs.

Plastic sheet/cover for the table

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