Mindfulness with Angelika Renger

September 12, 2022 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
GCS Centre
La Touche Place

“Every Monday morning we meet for our  Practice of Mindfulness and everyone is very welcome, especially new members. You don’t need to have any previous experience, just come as you are with a general willingness to be present and to be curious how Mindfulness can be of benefit in your life. The practice and the support we all get from the group has been of enormous benefit for everyone who does come. Members usually say that this class gives them a time of rest, peace, encouragement, confidence and support. In each class we practice and learn together skills that help us to manage the day to day challenges and difficulties in our lives with greater ease. Mindfulness can also be easily practiced at home in daily life and you will get plenty of tips and suggestions on how to do that. This in turn enables you to be more pro active in the recovery or maintenance of your own health or while caring for another person. 

I’m happy to talk to you about any concerns you may have before joining the class or direct you to another participant who is happy to talk to you about their own experience if you wish and would find it helpful.”

Angelika Renger

“One of the most effective things we can do when we see the gathering storm of our habitual tendencies is the practice of pausing, or creating a gap. We stop and take three conscious breaths, and the world has a chance to open up to us in that gap. We allow space into our state of mind. Meditation practice itself is a way to create gaps. Every time you realize you are thinking and you let your thoughts go, you are creating a gap. Every time the breath goes out, you are creating a gap. If you don’t fill up your practice time with worrying and obsessing and all that kind of thing, you have time to experience the blessing of your surroundings. You can just sit there quietly. Then silence will dawn on you and the sacredness of the space will penetrate.”

Mindfulness Class – on Zoom

This class creates a space where we come together to practice, to share and to support each other throughout the challenges of daily life as well as to celebrate and appreciate our blessings. Everyone is welcome and no previous experience is necessary.

A short description of the Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation in the words of a senior Teacher:

Pema describes how “just leaving a little gap” is the key to working with our minds

Monday 10.30am – 11.30am

Contact GCS for further information  01 287 1601 / info@greystonescancersupport.com

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