International Men’s Health Week 2021

June 14, 2021 – June 20, 2021 all-day

Everything about MHW 2021 can be found online at:

If you want to see the evidence for why we need to focus upon men’s health needs, check-out the ‘Men’s Health in Numbers’ publications at:

For the latest developments / events, keep an eye to:  and

The main hashtag for the week is #MensHealthWeek   Please use this as widely as possible, but especially on the first day of MHW (i.e. Monday 14th June 2021).

Anything that you can do to promote Men’s Health Week will be gratefully received.  Please think about:

  • posting / tweeting about the week and using the hashtag #MensHealthWeek;
  • including the MHW Facebook Cover Photo or Twitter Header Image on your social media platforms;
  • attaching some of the MHW images to your outgoing emails for the week;
  • embedding the MHW animation on your own website or social media platform;
  • joining one of the events which are taking place (many of these are online);
  • passing on a copy of the Man Manual to the men in your life;
  • issuing a press release about your own work to support the health and wellbeing of men and boys;
  • making a personal / organisational commitment for change on ‘Pledge Day’ …

There’s loads of simple and free ways to make a difference!  

Have a great Men’s Health Week 2021.

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