A Fond Farewell to Joanne (Jo) Douglas

Everyone at Greystones Cancer Support (GCS), would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Joanne Douglas as she departs GCS after providing a wonderful Yoga service for the past twenty years. Whether in a normal Yoga class session pre-Covid or an on-line zoom class due to Covid, Joanne has lifted the spirits of many of our clients as they reaped the benefits of Yoga and allowed them to relax during the classes in what was always a happy, comfortable environment.

It was Spring, 2001 when Kathleen Kelleher asked Joanne to teach Yoga at GCS as Kathleen was passionate in offering as many therapies and services as possible to clients of GCS. Around that time, the benefits of Yoga and other services such as Meditation and Mindfulness were becoming popular in helping recovering cancer patients.

Since then, Joanne has been an inspiration to many of our clients. She kept a close eye on everyone in her Yoga classes, made sure everyone was well settled, had a few quite encouraging words for each participant, played soothing, relaxing music, and importantly got everyone to listen to their own bodies in the moment and to mind themselves in every sense.

Joanne will be greatly missed and will be fondly remembered for all her efforts over the last twenty years. She has instilled a love of Yoga into many of our members. As she said herself, her hope was that everyone will take what they need from Yoga practice and incorporate it into their lives as they see fit and that they will keep that connection between mind, body and spirit and take every opportunity to live fully in the moment.

Joanne, it has been our pleasure in GCS to have you as our Yoga teacher for such a long time.  As you move on, you will always be remembered as a fantastic person who made Yoga fun for everyone.

The best of wishes to you and your family for the future from all at GCS.

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