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Support Groups

Why contact a support group?
A support group offers emotional and practical help to people with cancer, their families and their friends.

Support is especially important when cancer is first diagnosed.

Bereaved Group

Our Bereaved Support Group is for those who have recently been bereaved through cancer. This special group can be very helpful at a critical time of bereavement.

The meetings are an opportunity to share experiences and thoughts. They provide an opportunity to offer help to others, as well as receiving ideas and support. Sharing works both ways, giving as well as receiving. Our Group also has special social outings.

Carers Group

Our Cancer Carers group meets on a regular basis. Cancer Carers are very special people. They have special needs of their own and are often the forgotten people when illness strikes. Our Cancer Carers come together to help each other, to share ideas and to offer each other support. Our Group also has special social outings.

Men’s Group

This group is open to those men who have either cancer themselves or who have a relative or friend who has cancer. Our Men’s group is very successful. The men meet, help each other, organise social outings and attend conferences.

Just being in a room with other people with cancer made me feel less isolated.

When you learn you have cancer you don’t want to go it alone

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