GCS and Cancer Trials Ireland

Kathleen Kelleher

Greystones Cancer Support attended an important meeting last night in the Mansion House.  Meeting was held by Cancer Trials Ireland to promote its work.

Did you know that there are ongoing cancer trials being held in Dublin.  Did you know that cancer patients can ask if there are trials that suit them ??

 Greystones Cancer Support attended the meeting as part of its information work.  The group makes every attempt to keep the public aware of latest cancer programmes.

The Cancer Trials Ireland meeting was addressed by four speakers.
The speakers covered four main topics:

An oncologist who explained what trials are.
A surviving patient who had been on a trial.
An oncologist who explained her work with patients.
A father whose daughter had been on a  cancer trial.

Sonia Walsh, Chairman of Greystones Cancer Support, says:

Greystones Cancer Support was delighted to attend this special meeting.  Anyone who is interested in cancer trials can ring us for further information.  Details are also available at www.cancertrials.ie.