Declan Clarke Charity Golf Day 2017

Terry Day, Event Organiser, Jamie Elliott, Organiser, Declan Clarke, Denzell Jones, Delgany Golf Club Captain, Tommy Conlon, Organiser, Jim Blake, Friday Mix ‘n Match, KathleenKelleher, Greystones Cancer Support.

In aid of Greystones Cancer Support.
Delgany Golf Club once again supports local community.
The event was also assisted by contribution from the Friday Mix ‘n Match players.
€2,635 was raised to help those affected by cancer,  their families and their friends.

The charity event was held in memory of famous amateur local golfer,  Declan Clarke.
Now in its twentieth year,  golfers remember Declan’s outstanding golfing achievements.
They keep his memory alive each year by putting it to good use in helping others.

Sonia Walsh,  Chairman of Greystones Cancer Support says:
What better way to remember someone than by helping others ??
Greystones Cancer Support commends Delgany Golf Club for its continued support.
Its Members are renowned for helping,  not only each other,  but those in the wider community.
Special thanks to all for ensuring that Greystones Cancer Support can continue its work.

In the photo:

Terry Day,  Event Organiser,  Jamie Elliott,  Organiser, Declan Clarke,  Denzell Jones,  Delgany
Golf Club Captain,  Tommy Conlon,  Organiser,  Jim Blake,  Friday Mix ‘n Match,  Kathleen
Kelleher,  Greystones Cancer Support.