Can You Help: Guinness World Record Largest Knitted Blanket

Valery Larkin in Ennis,  with the help of the Irish Red Cross,  is trying to break a world record. She aiming to make the World’s Largest Knitted Blanket and she needs your help. The record is currently held in South Africa.

Valery and her team are asking people to knit wool squares,  6” x 6”. These are then made into blankets 5’ square. The 5’ square blankets will be loosely joined together to form the big blanket.

When the big blanket is finished,  it will be broken back into the smaller blankets. These 5’ square blankets will be used in Ireland or sent overseas to refugees.

You do not have to make up  a 5’ square blanket yourself. Just knitting the squares would be a big help.

GCS has all the details on needle size,  wool,  colours and designs. We can also provide the wool if you do not have your own odds and ends.

If you have double knitting wool to spare,  please be sure to let us know !! We will put it to good use.

You can contact GCS at 2871601 or