Bare Necessities

Irish Made Hats & Accessories for individuals undergoing chemotherapy

Losing your hair has to be one of the most traumatic things to experience ever.
The anxiety you experience during the build up to shaving it all off is awful but once the deed is done, you move on.
The next hurdle is to leave the security of your home and face the public which again can be traumatic.
I have been involved within the fashion industry for a number of years so I was on the look out for a coordinated look but I couldn’t find anything.  I opted to go the hat route as I had heard lots of stories about the wig being thrown into a drawer after a couple of wears.

Any day I felt well enough to go out I was trying to look as best I could but let’s face it with no hair, eyebrows or eye lashes the task can be difficult.  I felt my head was a foot away from my shoulders and it was like a beacon saying “Look at me I’ve Cancer!!”

What I discovered was if I wore a scarf it took that bareness away.  So my next challenge was to get a scarf to match my hat and I just couldn’t find one.

So I approached a good friend of mine who knows a thing or two about sewing. Between the two of us we came up with the band and matching scarf concept.

I had 28 visits to St Lukes for radiation and on every visit someone complimented my head wear.  From the nurses and patients to the admin staff everyday someone asked me where I got the hats and scarfs or complimented how well I looked & asked where could they buy a set.

And so Bare Necessities was born.

Linda Sterling